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    What is SAMIN?

    SAMIN is a European Leonardo Transfer of Innovation Project empowering organisations working on migrants vocational, education and training.

    SAMIN researches on VET and migration in order to
    - Provide a gap analysis on existing practices about vocational, education and training programmes for migrants
    - Produce a methodological handbook on best practices and recommendations on the participation of migrants in vocational, education and training
    - Create a learning-website for practitioners
    - Create a Capacity Building Manual for practitionersSAMIN enhances and enables European collaboration between organisations, job market sectors, policy makers and stakeholders working in the field of VET and migration

    Its goals are to provide further training to migrants, encouraging personal development, increasing placements, improving the volume of cooperation between the labour market and organisations working with migrants.

    What SAMIN offers you?

    The SAMIN learning-website provides informative and innovative edited information on successful projects for migrants education. All developed manuals and research outcomes are available on the Saminvet learning-website for VET providers, policy makers and stakeholders, working within the educational field. Moreover, you can get in touch with the organisations leading the project via the respective website in order to exchange experiences. You can furthermore get in contact with other organisations to share your experiences.

    The next step?

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